Co Creation

Our strategic partners specialize in assisting Blockchain-based startups with navigating the legal and commercial landscape globally providing legal assistance at every stage.

To optimise the growth in the company. The team has in-depth practical knowledge about the Blockchain startup industry and are able to assist clients with matters from drafting legal documents to general advice on development to point clients in the right direction. Services include:


We can assist in every stage of the Initial Offering, from company formation, seed distribution and public token distribution. The services they provide in relation to ICO/ITO & STO include, but are not limited to:

  • White Paper Appraisals;
  • White Paper Drafting;
  • Drafting of Private Token Sale Agreements;
  • Drafting of Token Offer Agreements;
  • Drafting of Terms and Conditions;
  • Drafting of Disclaimers;
  • Drafting of Privacy Policy;
  • Due Diligence Drafting and Appraisal;
  • ICO Structuring;
  • Tokenomics;
  • Know Your Customer Advice and Document Drafting; and
  • Anti-Money Laundering Advice.


We can advise and help clients through the digital exchange setting up the process, ensuring international compliance and compliance with the jurisdiction digital exchanges have incorporated in. Services include, but not limited to:

  • Digital Exchange Advisory Services;
  • International Digital Exchange set-up;
  • International Digital Exchange Compliance;
  • Drafting of various documentation required by a Digital Exchange;
  • Advisory Services in relation to Digital Exchange Initial Coin Offerings;
  • Trademarking; and
  • Intellectual Property


Globally governments have begun to regulate the industry, with the help of global pool, we can help clients understand and reach compliance with region-specific regulations. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Maltese Tokenomics;
  • Regulatory Advisory;
  • Corporation Compliance;
  • Due Diligence; and
  • KYC, CTF and AML Compliance.



The jurisdiction clients incorporate their company in can affect their business’s taxation implications and potentially limit the type of business they can carry out. Agile Legal can advise on what jurisdiction is best suited to clients’ Blockchain projects and help clients incorporate in that country.


Choosing the best business structure can significantly increase the efficiency of a business, from providing superior tax exemptions or simply better catering to clients’ needs. Agile Legal can advise clients on the best structure to run their business and help clients to establish their business structure.


The global team has a deeply seeded business acumen with in-depth practical knowledge. They are able to advise clients on Blockchain matters to develop their understanding of Blockchain and all its aspects. And will endeavor to work with clients to develop their business and their knowledge.

If you have any Blockchain matters which require legal advise or work, please contact us.